This webpage provides you an overview of the guest lectures and seminars that took place at the Faculty of Philology and History.

Applied Linguistics (Romance Studies):


  • Fall seminar on The empirical study of romance varieties: fieldwork, data analysis and language corpora creation as part of the Erasmus-funded Blended Intensive Programme (BIP):
    • Organised by Leonie Ette, Patricia de Ramos and Dr. Miguel Gutiérrez Maté 
    • Guest lecturers: Albert Wall (University of Vienna), Ana Belén Llopis Cardona (University of Valencia), Leonardo Cerno (CONICET, Posadas), Leonardo Marcotulio (University of Aveiro), Marcia Machado Vieira (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Marta Fernández Alcaide (University of Sevilla), Santiago Sanchez Moreano (The Open University), Sara Gómez Seibane (Universidad de La Rioja), Scott Schwenter (Ohio State University) and Vanessa Meireles (Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3)
    • Further information on the fall seminar can be found here and on the instagram account @augsburg_romanistik



History (organised by Prof. Dr. Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson):
  • ‘Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Justice: The Movement to Decriminalize Abortion in the USA’ – Felicia Kornbluh (University of Vermont)
  • ‘More Than Forty Acres and a Mule: Slave Reparations as Idea and Symbol in American Thought’ – John David Smith (University of North Carolina)
  • In collaboration with the Graduate Centre: Panel discussion with Donald A. Crutcher (University of Richmond) on ‘Sustaining Democracies: The Role of Conversations Across Difference’
English Linguistics (organised by Prof. Dr. Claudia Claridge):
  • ‘Absurdly, ridiculously, and madly as intensifiers in (Late) Modern English’ - Zeltia Blanco-Suarez (University of Santiago de Compostela
American Studies:
  • International Workshop: ‘Relationality and More-than-Human Storytelling’ (July 13-15, 2023)
History (organised by Prof. Dr. Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson):
  • ‘Race and Human Rights: European and US Perspectives’ – Eddie Bruce-Jones (London)
  • ‘The Midterm Elections 2022: What’s in the Cards?’ – Mark Rozell (George Mason University)
  • ‘Going for Broke: Martin Luther King’s Campaigns for Economic Justice and Peace, 1966-1968’ – Peter Ling (University of Nottingham)
  • ‘The Ammunition King Fritz Mandl: How an Emigrant of Jewish Origin was Turned into a Nazi by the United States in World War II’ – Ursula Prutsch (Austria)