phd project - carolin hofmockel


Indexing semantic dissimilarity between two discourse units on the levels of content, illocutionary force and metacommunication, Contrast is a multifaceted discourse relation that fulfils many important functions in discourse, such as describing a difference, making a concession or correcting a statement. Conceiving of Contrast as a scalar phenomenon subsuming discourse relations that may be more or less contrastive, and may therefore reflect different Degrees of Contrastiveness, this PhD project approaches the multifacetedness of Contrast from the perspective of its encoding and signalling in context, filtering out more generalised and more particularised patterns of realisation in different genres and production formats.


Hofmockel, Carolin. 2017. Patterns of (Inter)subjectivity. Asymmetries for Glaswegian peripheral but. Functions of Language 24(2): 166-195.