The pragmatics of discourse

The multifaceted and multi-layered phenomenon of discourse has been examined in diverse research paradigms, concentrating on text as the object of investigation, on the connectedness between text and society, and on the representation of discourse. All approaches share the premise that discourse is a parts-whole configuration.


Discourse is investigated with respect to


  • discourse as communicative action
  • discourse and context
  • discourse and discourse genre
  • media discourse
  • political discourse
  • contrastive discourse analysis

GIF Research Project

GIF research project: The construction of ordinariness in mediated public talk

The project examines the discursive value of the first-order concept of ordinary in the context of public talk media, as well as the discursive strategies and their intended perlocutionary effects for the discursive construction of ordinariness as an object of talk in mediated public talk, through the positioning of self and other speakers as ordinary and non-ordinary.

Individual Research Projects

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