About EMEE project

The interdisciplinary and international EU Culture project ‘EuroVision – Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (2012-2016) – initiated and coordinated by the Chair of History Didactics of the University of Augsburg – was implemented by eight project partners from seven European countries. The main objective of the project was to develop, test and evaluate an innovative concept of museum mediation, called ‘Change of Perspective’ (COP). COP aims to support an increasing awareness and understanding of the regional and national cultural heritage on site in a European perspective through a multi-layered re-interpretation of museum objects as well as innovative and participatory approaches to traditional and new groups of museum visitors.




  1. cooperated with historico-cultural museums that had no pre-existing links to European or transnational perspectives on the cultural heritage on site;
  2. worked with existing local collections;
  3. combined the development of theoretical strategies with practical experience and put a strong focus on practical applicability;
  4. created a modular concept of museum development that helps museums find their own way in line with their specific conditions, requirements and priorities;
  5. was based on the fundamental concepts of History Didactics that comprise multi-layered and differing notions of meaning and identity – the Change of Perspective (COP)



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