The EMEE consortium developed a wide range of outputs from a mapping process at the beginning of the project to recommendations for policy makers and stakeholders dealing with Cultural Heritage in Europe. EMEE Toolkits, EMEE Workshops, the EMEE Study module and the EMEE Films guarantee that the basic EMEE concept of the ‘Change of Perspectives’, its potential to further enhance the development of museums and its suggestions for a transregional/European presentation of museum objects will be put into practice in the future.


From October 2012 to October 2016 the EMEE-project developed the following main outcomes in particular:


  1. Five  EMEE-Toolkits as guidelines and handbooks on how to put the Change of Perspective (COP) into practice
  2. 33  EMEE-Exemplary Units with concrete ideas on how to implement the Change of Perspective (COP) using specific objects and groups of objects that are relevant in museums
  3. Seven  EuroVision Lab.s under the tagline ‘One Object, Many Visions, EuroVisions’, testing and evaluating the Change of Perspective (COP
  4. An  EMEE-Study Module for the use of the ideas established during the project in university training
  5. Seven  EMEE-Workshops for vocational and further training
  6. Nine EMEE-Documentary Films and an  e-book for vocational and further training and dissemination purposes
  7. Fifty  EMEE publications including a  final brochure summarizing the project results
  8. A trans-national and interdisciplinary  network of cultural operators, stakeholders and policy-makers consisting of 144 members so far, all working together to promote the implementation of the EMEE concept into museum practice.