The EMEE project produced a series of nine film clips in cooperation with Redaktionsbüro Ost, a film design company from Vienna/ Austria. Seven clips with a running time of 3-4 minutes each represent the seven EuroVision Lab.s in Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia, one clip for each Lab. One longer film document compares, analyzes, and summarizes the various Lab. activities in order to illustrate the theoretical basic concept of the EMEE Change of Perspective as realized in the practical activities. An additional film presents the idea and the results of the EMEE Young Scenographers Contest on the occasion of its awarding ceremony within the context of the Designmonat Graz, an international design festival in the Austrian city of Graz.


The films do not settle for just providing visual impressions of the different project activities. Rather, in each of the films a number of representatives of the EMEE project team and cooperation partners from the EMEE network make short statements about the objectives of the respective EuroVision Lab. activity and the methodology used to achieve them. Moreover, participants of the EuroVision Lab.s and museum visitors give details about and reflect on their work and their experiences with the EMEE project. Similarly, leading experts from international museum networks like ICOM and NEMO were interviewed, contributing their own perspective and thus enhancing the scope of the films. They all place the project and the respective activities on site in context with regard to current debates on the future of museums in Europe.



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Young Scenographers Contest