The development and presentation of the so-called ‘EuroVision Lab.s’ with the tagline One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions constituted an integral part of the EMEE project, as these efforts aimed to test the theoretical concepts of Change of Perspective in a practical context. The exhibitions organized by the museums showed the re-interpretation of topics from a European/ transregional perspective or demonstrated with individual object examples what a re-interpretation according to the EMEE concept could look like. Many of these exhibitions were designed to encourage participation, which allowed former non-visitor groups to form new perspectives on the topics and objects. Similarly, using social media (Toolkit 5) contributed to establishing new communication channels – especially among younger audiences – and to make them a bigger part of the exhibition planning.


Another important objective of EuroVision Lab.s was to ensure that visitors would not just perceive the museum as a ‘storage place’ and place for exhibiting objects: in line with the re-interpretation of objects from a European/ transregional perspective, the EuroVision Lab. showed that museums can be a place where cultural heritage can be re-negotiated and re-interpreted against the backdrop of the problems and questions of today. Museums encourage visitors to become active citizens, to form an opinion and to participate. Consequently, the EuroVision Lab.s were accompanied by an extensive programme including cultural events, opportunities for participation, talks and workshops for visitors.


Considering the experimental nature of the EuroVision Lab.s, the museums involved in the EMEE project decided to present the Lab.s with the help of a modular system. In addition to the exhibitions on the reinterpretation of topics and objects, the Lab.s showed the results of the Young Scenographers and the so-called ‘Eurobarometer’, where objects as ‘European/ transregional’ objects were put up for discussion.

While the participating national museums in Portugal, Bulgaria and Slovenia aimed to implement in their Lab.s all the aspects mentioned above, the university partners in France, Germany and Italy, as well as the Austrian artist group monochrom worked with their partner museums to create smaller EuroVision Lab.s that revolved around the aspect of Change of Perspective. On the whole, the EuroVision Lab.s could be found in seven European countries and had more than 130,000 visitors.

More information about the EuroVision Lab:   EMEE Brochure