Forschung im Rahmen der Alumniförderung der Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung

Am Lehrstuhl für Politikwissenschaft/ Politische Theorie forscht vom 1.10.2023 bis 31.12.2023

Jesús Casquete im Rahmen der Alumniförderung der Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung.


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Der Titel seines interessanten Forschungsprojektes: Are classic political philosophers useful to understand the current democratic regression?


Liberal democracy as a political arrangement for organizing social complexity is under siege. Indicators used by political scientists such as participation in elections or confidence in politics, politicians and institutions show a steady erosion of the strength of democracy, where not of its retreat. 

The latest wave of populism worldwide, and its right-wing variety in particular, has been widely pointed out both as a symptom and as the spearhead of the current crisis of representative democracy.  My research project aims at vindicating the value of classics of political thought such as Plato or Thomas Hobbes to better understand the crisis of liberal democracies in Western countries in general, and in the European Union in particular.



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