At the University of Augsburg, the Chair of Controlling focuses on management accounting and management control systems. 

These aspects include both decision-making and behavioral control, where a special focus is set on behavioral controlling research. More information about our teaching and research program can be found on the following pages.


The Chair is part of the Cluster Finance and Information (F&I) at the University of Augsburg´s Faculty of Business and Economics.


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© Universität Augsburg

In cooperation with the Chairs of Accounting & Controlling
(Prof. Schultze) and Taxation (Prof. Ullmann) we offer the following

lecture taught in English for Bachelor:


Principles of Accounting, Controlling and Taxation


This course is addressed to Erasmus students who are interested
in the topics Accounting, Controlling and Taxation. For questions
regarding this course please contact the Chair of Taxation.


A comprehensive understanding of decision-making and management processes in a business context plays a key role to ensure sustainable and persistent success. In order to develop this understanding, an integrated view of decision-making, motivational and learning processes is necessary. Using an interdisciplinary perspective with special emphasis on business management and psychology we focus on research topics that are equally of theoretical and practical relevance, and consider a connection between basic and application-oriented research to be especially important. Methodologically, the chair focuses on empirical approaches. Moreover, conceptual theory formation is a top priority.

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Projektstelle: Indikatorensystem zur Evaluierung der Maßnahmen des Bayerischen Klimaschutzprogramms; Wiss. Mitarbeiter/Research and teaching assistant
Prof. Dr. Jennifer Kunz: Controlling

For questions regarding our international course "Principles of Accounting, Controlling and Taxation" please contact Stefan Kurz.