3 November 2022


Scientist have proven that the world is threatened by climate change, which will have a significant impact on environment, economy and societies worldwide. As a consequence, many states have taken different steps to face the challenge of climate change. In this ongoing process of reconstruction national law plays an important role, because it can provide opportunities or reduce them. Therefore, the conference focused on the different challenges legal systems are currently facing when protecting the climate and preparing for climate change. The conference topic was addressed by academics of great renown who represent different legal systems from all over the world. On 3 November 2022, they deliberated on matters regarding climate protection with legal instruments.

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Themen und Referent:innen

Prof. Dr. Martin Kment, LL.M. (Cambridge)

University of Augsburg (Germany)

Renewable Energies v. Nature

Jae-Hyup Lee

Seoul National University School of Law (Korea)

Issues and Challenges in Implementing the Green New Deal of South Korea

Laleta Davis Mattis CD JP

University of the West Indies, Kingston (Jamaica)

Rights of Nature – Climate Change and Development Paradigms

Katerina Mitkidis

Aarhus University (Denmark)

Danish climate act – the binding character and legal consequences for not achieving the goals

Prof. Dr. iur. Johannes Reich, LL.M. (Yale)

University of Zurich (Switzerland)

Mitigating Climate Change in Federal Systems: Insights into the Swiss Experience

Stepan Wood

Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia (Canada)

“Sue Big Oil”: A Realistic Option for Canadians in a Climate of Inaction?

Vernon Rive

AUT Law School, Auckland (New Zealand)

Climate Litigation in Aotearoa New Zealand in 2022: Review and Commentary
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