17 June 2021


For much too long western societies have supported an image of the human race that has disassociated itself from nature with homo sapiens seeming to be at the top of the evolutionary tree and therefore with unlimited powers. This has encouraged the exploitation of natural resources and the extermination of many species, up to 58 000 every year. Scientists have proven, that we are already using the equivalent of 1.6 planets to provide for our resource use, with tendency to rise. The situation has become so dramatic, that over the last 70 years the planet’s resilience level has been eroded. It has lost its ability to support life, including present lives and that of future generations. One root cause for the environmental problems of the Anthropocene is the comparative disconnect between conventional property law discourse and analysis and environmental matters. Therefore, the conference “Sustainability and Property Rights” draws attention to the intersection between property law and environmental law. In this context it covers the perspectives of two different jurisdictions, seeks to promote sustainability as a balancing principle and expounds requirements for a sustainable environmental protection. On 17 June 2021, jurists of great renown from the University of Augsburg and the University of Auckland (New Zealand) deliberated on topics regarding the matter.

Themen und Referent:innen

Prof. Dr. Klaus Bosselmann

University of Auckland

Property and Sustainability: Looking for Common Ground

Prof. Dr. Martin Kment

University of Augsburg

Reviewing Property Rights to Meet Ecological Challenges

Prof. David Grinlinton

University of Auckland

Private Law Approaches to Encouraging Sustainable Management of Land and Natural Resources

Prof. Dr. Thomas Möllers

University of Augsburg

ESG and Sustainable Finance: The European Perspective

Dr. Caroline Foster

University of Auckland

Due Diligence and Due Regard as Elements of the International Legal Duty to Cooperate

Prof. Dr. Matthias Rossi

University of Augsburg

Necessary Investment Protection as a Condition for Sustainable Environmental Protection
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