The book
Legal decisions are accepted if they are well-reasoned. This work provides lawyers with more than 100 legal interpretation figures that are used by lawyers worldwide to justify their legal decisions. German law is exemplary for the technique of Legal Interpretation and Legal Construction, which is applied in Europe and all over the world. The new publication puts lawyers in a position, to develop - step by step - a solution for a hitherto unsolved legal problem in such a way that it convinces the opposing party of the content his/her solution.


In an interdisciplinary and legal-dogmatic context, legal sources, classic and modern figures of interpretation, the challenging concretization and construction of law, influence of the constitution and European law as a higher-ranking law and determination of the limits of permissible further development of the law will be adressed. Also very relevant for practice: the hermeneutics of facts.


XLIV, 585 S. Hardcover (In Leinen)

C.H.BECK. ISBN 978-3-406-74397-9


The advantages at a glance

  • Combination of classic and modern methodology
  • a lively presentation with numerous examples from literature and jurisprudence
  • cases for in-depth reflection

The target group
This work addresses students, legal clerks, and post-graduate students, but also judges, lawyers and administrative lawyers as well as all those interested in the basics of law.



„A truly great, modern textbook on legal methodology. It sets new standards for education, academia and legal practice because it goes far beyond the traditional (interpretation) method and covers all major methodological questions. What would the capital markets say? This book is a clear buy!“

Professor Dr. Hanno Merkt, Freiburg, in: NZG 20/2018, on the German first edition 2017. For more reviews please visit


C. H. Beck