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The second INspiRE conference on "Private Enforcement of European Competition and State Aid Law: Current Challenges and the Way Forward" was held in Augsburg on 23 and 24 May 2019. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence "European Integration - Rule of Law and Enforcement" (INspiRE), funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, deals with the enforcement of EU law in the Member States.


At the international conference "Enforcing Consumer and Capital Market Law in Europe", numerous experts discussed how the diesel emission scandal is being dealt with legally in different countries. It was shown that in the USA, Australia and Brazil public law sanctions and compensation of buyers are already being enforced much more successfully than in most European countries. Scientists, judges, but also representatives of supervisory authorities (BaFin and ESMA) and consumer associations intensively discussed how the respective law can be improved at national and European level to prevent future infringements. As in data protection law, European politicians should understand good law enforcement mechanisms not as an obstacle to location but as an economic advantage of location.


Key Results of the conference

Tagung Mai 2019
Klaus Satzinger-Viel, Fotostelle, UB Augsburg