IEM- Seminar

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13th February, 2023 - 14:00 CET

Understanding complex biological samples using in situ massspectrometry


Prof Dr Nicole Strittmatter

Assistant Professor for Analytical ChemistryDepartment of Biosciences
School of NaturalSciencesTechnical University of Munich (TUM)

Online Seminar via zoom

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In situ mass spectrometry describes MS methods that allow the analysis of chemical compoundsin their native, complex environment. A particularly powerful example is mass spectrometryimaging, a technology that allows the untargeted, label-free mapping of hundreds of compoundssimultaneously on complex and highly heterogeneous specimen such as tissues or plants.Ambient mass spectrometry methods are particularly suited for in situ applications as they allowthe analysis from the native sample without any further sample preparation, opening doors formultimodal imaging studies or high-throughput screening applications. In this seminar, we willdiscuss ambient MS methods REIMS and DESI-MS(I) in different biomedical and biotechnologicalmetabolomics applications with a focus on imaging of microbial biofilms and mammalian tissues.