IEM- Seminar

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September 13, 2022, 14:00 CET


Natural Step to Allergy Health


Prof. Dr. Tari Haahtela

Skin and Allergy Hospital,
Helsinki University Hospital


Online Seminar via zoom


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The concept of the Natural Step has evolved from research indicating, how changed lifestyle in urban surroundings reduces contact with biodiverse environments, impoverishes microbiota, affects immune regulation, and increases risk of noncommunicable diseases, allergy and asthma among them.
The Natural Step calls for strengthening connections to nature. Physical activity in natural environments should be promoted, use of fresh vegetables, fruits and water increased, and consumption of sugary drinks, tobacco and alcohol restricted. Nature relatedness should be part of everyday life and especially emphasized in the care of children and the elderly. Taking “nature” to modern cities in a controlled way is possible but a challenge for urban planning, nature conservation, housing, traffic arrangements, energy production, and importantly for supplying and distributing food. Actions against the well-known risk factors, air pollution and smoking, should be taken simultaneously. Pragmatic and feasible action plans adapted to the local situation should be developed, financed, and implemented by all countries. Promoting public health goes also together with safeguarding our planet.