QDNS '12


Quantum Dynamics of Nano-Structured Systems (QDNS '12)

April 13-14, 2012; Conference Center St. Ulrich, Augsburg, Germany


Aims and Purposes: This symposium - to mark the occasion of Ulrich Eckern's 60th birthday in March this year - reviews recent advances in the area of quantum coherence phenomena in low-dimensional and nano-structured electronic systems, with emphasis on charge and spin transport and time-dependent phenomena.


Selected contributions will be published as a special issue of Annalen der Physik.


Invited Speakers: Luigi Amico (Catania), Michael V. Berry (Bristol), John Clarke (Berkeley), Ferdinand Evers (Karlsruhe), Raymond Frésard (Caen), Anthony J. Leggett (Illinois), You-Quan Li (Hangzhou), Felix von Oppen (Berlin), Stellan Östlund (Gothenburg), Rahul Pandit (Bangalore), Roberto Raimondi (Rome), Michael Schreiber (Chemnitz)


Poster contributions are welcome. The posters can be put up in the morning of the 13th. A poster-micro-seminar session is scheduled for 14:15 h on the same day (2 min per presentation).


Local Coordination: M. Amling, M. Dzierzawa, U. Eckern, P. Schwab


Supported by: Transregio 80, University of Augsburg, Wiley-VCH