Quantum Dynamics of Nano-Structured Systems (QDNS '12)

April 13-14, 2012; Conference Center St. Ulrich, Augsburg, Germany


Invited Speakers & Titles


  • Luigi Amico (Catania): Entanglement transitions in quantum magnets
  • Michael V. Berry (Bristol): Variations on a theme of Aharonov and Bohm
  • John Clarke (Berkeley): Josephson tunnelling at 50: from SLUGs to axions
  • Ferdinand Evers (Karlsruhe): Progress in simulations of scaling behavior near the Anderson transition
  • Raymond Frésard (Caen): The Hubbard model in the singlet subspace: a symmetry-entangled mean-field approach
  • Anthony J. Leggett (Illinois): Quantum dissipation: what can and can't be done with oscillator baths
  • You-Quan Li (Hangzhou): Multiferroics, and theory for exotic spin orders
  • Felix v. Oppen (Berlin): Mesoscopic persistent currents
  • Stellan Östlund (Gothenburg): Discretized thermal Green’s functions
  • Rahul Pandit (Bangalore): Bose-Hubbard models: phases, transitions, and patterns
  • Roberto Raimondi (Rome): SU(2) description of the spin-orbit interaction in a two-dimensional electron gas
  • Michael Schreiber (Chemnitz): The modified sharpened index hms and other variants in the Hirsch index zoo