Podcast "Waste Trade or Waste Colonialism: A Conversation with Simone Müller"

From the online magazine Edge Effects


"I spoke with Simone M. Müller, Heisenberg Professor for Global Environmental History and Environmental Humanities at the University of Augsburg in Germany, about her new book, The Toxic Ship: The Voyage of the Khian Sea and the Global Waste Trade, which appears in the Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books series that I edit with the University of Washington Press. In our conversation, Dr. Muller describes the amazing journey of the Khian Sea, which left Philadelphia in 1986, loaded down with ash from the city’s trash incinerators, and fruitlessly sought a place to dump its wastes in the Global South. The Khian Sea’s journey not only contributed to the globalization of a burgeoning environmental justice movement, but it also inspired a new global regime for regulating the trade in toxic wastes. A remarkable study in “garbage imperialism,” The Toxic Ship also plumbs the transnational complexities of toxicity in an unequal world."


Digital Magazine Edge Effects