!abgesagt! imwk research|talk mit Loreta Huber

Am 21. Dezember 2023 begrüßen wir von der Vilnuis University im Rahmen der imwk research|talks bei uns. Sie wird über "Communication on social networking sites based on the theory of social penetration" sprechen und dabei auf die geschlechterspezifischen Unterschiede in der Selbstdarstellung eingehen. Der Vortrag beginnt um 17.30 Uhr in Raum D-2107 und alle Mitglieder der Fakultät sind herzlich eingeladen.


With the development of new technologies and rise of social media, the desire to communicate and share information is seen as a primary driver of social networking sites, where the aspect of self-disclosure becomes one of the key characteristics for interpersonal attraction. The decision whether to self-disclose online is rather complex and multidimensional, individuals have the urge to self-disclose, but at the same time they carefully weigh possible harmful or beneficial consequences.

The investigation revealed significant differences between male and female self-disclosure practices on social networking site Facebook with outstanding differences depending upon the country of living, relationship status, perceived positive and negative rewards, benefits and satisfaction.


Prof. Dr. Loreta Huber has over 27 years experience of teaching at universities and training institutions in Lithuania, United Kingdom, Israel and Germany where she also held academic positions in the areas of Cross-cultural Communication, Technologies and innovations of communication and Media Accessibility. Prof. Loreta Huber was the initiator and chair of the first cycle study programme of Audio-visual Translation (AVT) at Vilnius University (Lithuania), chair of the first study cycle programme Information Management Technology &Methodology and the creator of the second cycle study programme ‘Strategic Communication” at Kaunas University of Technology (2019-2022).

Prof. Loreta Huber’s research interests are communication, AVT, media accessibility, migration and cultural diversity. She has been involved in numerous international and local projects as a participant and as a manager, such as Erasmus+, COST European Cooperation in Science & Technology and H2020 projects. She has authored over eighty scientific publications and books for students.




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