Neuerscheinung: „Does Intercultural Dialogue matter?“ by Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani

, based on her dissertation (Augsburg University) about the role of Intercultural Dialogue in the Foreign Cultural Policy of Iran and Germany with Forewords by Mohammad Khatami and Kurt-Jürgen Maaß

is often presented as a way to reduce conflict. In this view, dialogue will lead to a better understanding, which in turn will contribute to a more peaceful coexistence. On the other hand, "intercultural dialogue" for more than two decades also has been part of Foreign Cultural Policy, an instrument of the foreign policy of governments.
This book describes and analyzes how and why "intercultural dialogue" has been a part of German-Iranian relations. It was pursued by heads of states, government ministries, parastatal organizations, NGOs, and committed individuals from both countries. Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani discusses whether this approach was merely symbolic or decorative, or whether is actually mattered, politically and culturally.

Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani: Does Intercultural Dialogue matter? The Role of Intercultural Dialogue in the Foreign Cultural Policy of Iran and Germany, Reihe "Außenpolitik - Diplomatie - Sicherheit/International Relations - Diplomacy - Security“, Bd. 5, 2019, 248 S., 34.90 EUR, 34.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-80295-8
Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani holds a PhD from Augsburg University, Germany. She was born in 1982 in Rasht (Iran), and received a BA in Journalism and a MA in North American Studies from the University of Tehran, Iran. She lives in Duisburg, Germany.

Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani: Intercultural Dialogue between Western and Muslim Countries : an analysis of the role(s) of intercultural dialogue in the foreign cultural policy of Iran and Germany towards each other between 1998 and 2013 (Dissertation Universität Augsburg), Augsburg 2018.