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1. Oktober 2023

Expedition to Western Uganda

Markus Keck and Peter Fiener (Institute of Geography) and their teams have embarked on an expedition to Western Uganda, generously supported by BayFOR. In the scenic landscapes of western Uganda, nestled on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains, smallholder farmers face the challenge of growing crops on steep, erosion-prone terrain, leading to ongoing soil degradation.
14. September 2023

New book: “The Toxic Ship”

Simone Müller just published her latest book The Toxic Ship. The Voyage of the Khian Sea and the Global Waste Tradewith Washington University Press. Müller uses the Khian Sea's voyage as a lens to elucidate the global trade in hazardous waste
10. September 2023

International workshop "Misplacing Matter”

From September 6-8, 2023 Simone Müller and Livia Cahn organized the international workshop "Misplacing Matter.
29. August 2023

Symposium „Evidence-informed reasoning of pre-service teachers”

As part of the biannual meeting of the European Association of Research on Learning and Instruction in Thessaloniki (22-26 August), Ingo Kollar was an invited discussant for a symposium entitled "Evidence-informed reasoning of pre-service teachers", which brought together renowned researchers from the Netherlands, Norway and Germany.