Listing, linking, networking – ORCIDs, GNDs and more

Datum: 08.02.2023, 13:00 Uhr - 13:30 Uhr 
Ort: online, Zoom link on the homepage, Augsburg
Veranstalter: Universitätsbibliothek
Themenbereiche: Akademisches (Gesamtuniversitäres), Internationales, Studium, Beruf und Karriere
Veranstaltungsreihe: Open Science Coffee Lectures
Veranstaltungsart: Infoveranstaltung
Vortragende: Sonja Härkönen
© Universität Augsburg

You want to make your research and your academic profile more visible online? Maybe you have a very common or complicated name, that can lead to mix-ups on the web? Unique IDs for “author identification management” can help! We discuss the various purposes and aims as well as the most important differences between ORCIDs, GNDs, ResearcherID and Google Scholar Citation Profiles.

Attendance is possible at any time without prior registration using the following Zoom access link:

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