We address the task of unconstrained 2D and 3D human pose estimation in single images. Both have a wide field of applicability. This ranges e.g. from video indexing over security and safety applications to entertainment purposes and marker less motion capture. The recovery of a human pose in a single image, however, is still a challenging problem. Highly articulated human poses, cluttered background and partial or complete occlusions require robust methods. The absence of a temporal model makes this particularly challenging.


Our research goal is to develop robust algorithms for this task. We aim to design methods that are on the one hand generic and robust, but on the other hand try to make use very simple techniques so that the overall complexity of the models stays low. This is extremely important in order to reach real time capable pose estimation in images.


Examples of recovered 2D and 3D body poses in single images.


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KAET (Kinect Annotation and Evaluation Tool)