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Interactive Segmentation
Deep 3D Athletics
Deep Sports Pose
Deep Skijump Pose
Scene Graph Generation
3D Localization in Ball Sports

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Deep Image Synthesis
Deep Image Augmentation and Manipulation
Visual Question Answering
Medical Image Captioning
Image Captioning of Branded Products
Domain Adaptation for Computer Vision Applications
Deep Swim Pose
Company Logo Detection
fertilized forest library
Swimmer Detection and Pose Estimation for Continuous Stroke Rate Determination
2D and 3D Human Pose Estimation in Single Images
Image Classification using Different Levels of Quality in Representation and Feedback
Unsupervised One-class Image Classification
Automatic Detection of Offensive or Illegal Images
Feature Bundling for Object Retrieval / Logo Recognition
Learning to Reassemble Shredded Documents
Image Retrieval on Large Scale Image Databases
An annotated data set for pose estimation of swimmers
On the Optimal Placement of Multiple Visual Sensors
Audio Brush: What You See is What You Hear
Real-Time Event Detection and Control in Live Video Streams
Bayesian Face Recognition on Infrared Image Data