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Top: Important flight parameters of a ski jumper measured to the flight trajectory: upper body angle (yellow), lower body angle (orange), total body angle (purple), average ski angle (blue) and angle difference between lower body and skis (white) .

Bottom Left: Originally detected poses from multiple frames centered by the hip joint and the effect of the first robust estimation step which filters unrealistic poses.

Bottom Right: Clustering of jumps based by their flight parameters and colored according to their jumping distance.



In a joint effort with the Institute of Applied Training Science in Leipzig (Institut für angewandte Trainingswissenschaften, IAT) we develop a training feedback system for improving the jump posture of professional ski jumpers. In this project, we research deep learning models with different architectures for a continuous athlete and ski pose estimation and for tracking the body gravity center of the athletes. We use this tracking and the estimated poses to infer flight parameters, mainly the body angles, that are crucial for a long jumping distance. In order to determine these angles precisely, we use robust estimation techniques. Based on these angles, it is possible to differentiate between short, medium and long jumping distances.


This joint project was funded by the Federal Institute for Sports Science (Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft, BISp) based on a resolution of the German Bundestag.


For more information please contact  Katja Ludwig.




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