Visual sensor arrays are used in many novel multimedia applications such as video surveillance, sensing rooms, assisted living or immersive conference rooms. Often several different types of cameras are available. They differ in their ranges of view, intrinsic parameters, image sensor resolutions, optics, and costs.


Most of the above mentioned applications require the layout of video sensors to assure a minimum level of image quality or image resolution. Thus, an important issue in designing visual sensor arrays is the appropriate placement of the cameras such that they achieve one or mulitple predefined goals. As video sensor arrays are getting larger, efficient camera placement strategies need to be developed.


We are focusing on the topic of maximizing or achieving coverage with respect to a predefined 'sampling rate' guaranteeing that an object in the space will be imaged at a minimum resolution. We consider this problem in its various factes and propose different algorithms to solve these problems. The proposed algorithms can be subdivided into algorithms which determine the global optimum solution and heuristics which solve the problem within reasonable time and memory consumption, but do not necessarily determine the global optimum.


Currently a user interface is developed in order to comfortably enter and edit the layout of spaces and setup parameters of the respective optimization problem. This interface will be running as a web service.


For more information on optimal camera placement please contact  Eva Hörster.


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© Universität Augsburg


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