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All images are taken from 'Bild der Wissenschaft 08/2010'

The problem of having to reconstruct shredded documents is often faced by historians and forensic investigators. For instance, there is currently ongoing work on reassembling documents related to the Stasi which was the secret police of the GDR.

However, reconstructing documents is a difficult and laborious job due to the large number of permutations of fragment arrangements. For this reason, this project deals with the automation of the reassembly process, which incorporates the use of various local image features as well as combinatorial optimization strategies.
Our approach is evaluated on a real world dataset consisting of magazine pages that have been shredded by hand.

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  • Fabian Richter, Christian X. Ries, Rainer Lienhart. A Graph Algorithmic Framework for the Assembly of Shredded DocumentsIEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo 2011 (ICME11), Barcelona, July 2011
    Also Technical Report 2011-05, University of Augsburg, Institute of Computer Science, March 2011 [ PDF ]