Examples from the annotated data set.

In this work we present an annotated data set for two-dimensional pose estimation of swimmers. The data set contains fifteen cycles of swimmers swimming backstroke with more than 1200 annotated video frames. A wide variety of subjects was used to create this data set, ranging from adult to teenage swimmers, both, male and female. For each frame of a cycle, the absolute positions of fourteen points corresponding to human joints were manually labeled.

The data set proves to be very challenging with respect to partial occlusions and a high amount of background noise, however, it does not contain any out of plane motions that would further complicate the task of full body pose estimation. It thus aims at pose estimation and pose tracking algorithms trying to advance in the field of recovering human poses in videos with frequently missing parts and under difficult conditions.

We explain in detail the creation of the data set, discuss the difficulties we faced, and finally demonstrate how it is used to create a training data set containing normalized cycles for action-specific pose tracking.


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  • Thomas Greif and Rainer Lienhart, An annotated data set for pose estimation of swimmers, Technical Report, 2009. [ PDF ]