Augsburg Summer Program 2024: June 10 to July 19, 2024 in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany


The Augsburg Summer Program on European and International Economic Law takes place from June 10 to July 19, 2024.


Nowadays, large companies operate on a global scale and must comply with the respective national legal systems. Therefore, basic knowledge is  essential in the field of European data protection law, antitrust law, intellectual property law, as well as corporate and capital markets law.


The University of Augsburg offers the Augsburg Summer Program to international foreign students to join German practicing lawyers and German postgraduate law students for a unique studying experience for a six-week intensive course.


The intention of this Program is to impart knowledge in the basic framework of transnational Economic Law through lectures and examination courses in order to meet the increasing requirements of companies and law firms in this field. All of the lectures and talks will be offered in English. After the successful completion of the program, you will receive a formal certificate.

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Straßenbahnhaltestelle Universität
"I chose the Augsburg Summer Program as I wanted to expand my knowledge in private international law. The program was exactly what I expected it to be. All professors are taking modern approaches in their way of teaching and give us only the essential information about their subject. However, if you want to receive a detailed answer you will be always welcome and the professor will encourage your interest. I made connections that I hope will last for a long time throughout my career."

Anastasiia Rozvadovska (Ukraine)

Uni-See mit Kunst- und Musikgebäude im Herbst (Hero)
"Augsburg was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never take for granted. I am super appreciative to have gotten this chance to explore Bavaria and appreciate its beauty. I’ve made incredible connections with students and professors, and hopefully I get the chance to come back later in life."

Jarrod Houseknecht (Pepperdine University, Malibu)

"This was definitely the most wonderful study abroad that I could’ve asked for. Having a smaller group of students definnitely enabled me to become better friends with people while also feeling like there was always someone around to hang out with. I was really shocked by how much I learned in each course..."

Melissa Lloyd (University of Pittsburgh)

Teilbibliothek Jura - bei Nacht
"[I]t has been such a privilege to have an interaction with students from different counties with a different legal system. During the class, it was academically interesting to approach a legal issue both from a common law and civil law perspective. I could get to know many people from different cultural backgrounds."

Jadong Kim (South Korea)

Augsburg Innenstadt
"[T]he people you meet during the program are amazing, no other way to say it. The German students, the American students, the students from all over the world, everyone was incredibly kind and fun. It was an unforgettable group of people."

Percy Gale-Kelleter (George Washington University, USA)

"If you want to work in the field of international or domestic business & economic law, the benefits to studying abroad in Augsburg most likely outweigh the costs. The program has high quality classes and professors, provides an excellent opportunity for networking, gives you an all-around unforgettable experience, and you don't even need to know German!"

Tom Reynolds (Chicago-Kent, Chicago)

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Christian Kolbe
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter | Ansprechpartner für den USA-Austausch und das Augsburg Summer Program
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Antonia Burger
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