1. Application Process

You can apply until April 30th of each year for the Program starting in June of the same year.

To apply to the Augsburg Summer Program, you need to submit the filled out application form (https://www.uni-augsburg.de/de/fakultaet/jura/internationales/augsburg-summer-program/application/), your CV and a short motivation letter which states why you want to participate in the Program and why you think you are a suitable candidate for it. There are no guidelines for the motivation letter which means that there are no requirements as to the content. You are completely free in how you want to approach it. Even though we do not require you to write a certain amount of pages, between one and two pages would be a good reference.


Please send your application to: summerprogram@jura.uni-augsburg.de


Once you have submitted your application, we will review all the documents. If we come to the conclusion that you are a suitable candidate, we will admit you to the Program. You will then receive a Letter of Acceptance and the Admission Form which provides you with further information and can be used for your visa application in case you need one.

2. Requirements for participation

Generally, we require you to have successfully completed your first year of law school. However, we also welcome graduate students interested in an additional qualification in the field of international business law. Nevertheless, you should have some sort of connection to the legal field. We also welcome young professionals who are already working in their home countries.

Since all classes and exams will be held in english, it is crucial for you to have good english skills. While we don´ t require any proof of english skills (like the TOEFL test or a Cambridge Certificate), please make sure that your english is sufficient enough to be able to follow along.

3. costs

The tuition fee for the whole six-week Program is 500 Euro.

If you are studying at one of the US partner universities, you don´ t have to pay the tuition fee.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any scholarships. The total tuition fee of the Summer Program is only 500 Euro. Therefore, in order to keep the tuition fee as low as possible for all students, we cannot offer financial aid. Thereby we ensure that we can limit the tuition fee to a total amount of 500 Euro which covers the full six-week program and is therefore relatively low compared to similar programs.

4. Date of the Summer Program

Every year, the Augsburg Summer Program takes place for six-weeks during June and July. The next Program will be held from June 10th to July 19th, 2024.

5. Courses/Courseload

While the courses slightly vary from year to year, they generally include:

  • European and WTO Law
  • European Company Law
  • European Contract Law
  • UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)
  • US/EU Antitrust Law
  • Law and Economics
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Private International Law
  • Comparative Venture Capital Law
  • Transnational Litigation
  • International Arbitration
  • German Language Class

For further information you can check the materials uploaded on our website from the past years (https://www.uni-augsburg.de/de/fakultaet/jura/internationales/augsburg-summer-program/program/).

You will find the course list as well as the schedule for the next Program on our website once the starting date comes closer.

A couple weeks before the Program starts we will provide you with your personal account information for our portal „Digicampus“ where you can then register. On the portal you will be able to download all the necessary materials as well as the syllabi for your classes.

You can choose from a list of 10 to 15 different courses (check out the course list for available courses). You are required to successfully complete at least 4 credits to receive a certificate. We don't recommend to take more than 8 credits. Besides Prof. Dr. Möllers classes which are worth 2 credits, each class is worth 1 credit.

6. Housing

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide housing for the Augsburg Summer Program participants. However, we composed a list with possible housing options. The list can be found on our website (https://www.uni-augsburg.de/de/fakultaet/jura/internationales/augsburg-summer-program/application/) and will again be distributed via E-Mail once you are accepted to the program.


If you are a student from one of the US partner universities, you will also get a German student as a tandem-partner who will assist you in finding housing in Augsburg.

The perfect place to stay depends on your personal preferences. If you want to focus on your classes and studying, you might want to stay close to the University of Augsburg. However, in the past, students have told us that they would have prefered to stay in the city center instead of close to the University since they liked to go out and explore the city. Therefore, it would have been more convenient to them to live closer to all the bars, clubs and restaurants. Depending on where exactly you stay in the city center, the commute to the University of Augsburg is usually only around 15 to 20 minutes by tram.

7. Dresscode

The University of Augsburg has no dresscode for their students. Therefore, you can generally wear whatever you feel comfortable in. While some students dress more casual, others prefer to wear more formal clothes. However, it is very uncommon for German students to come to school in sweatpants. You might want to take that into consideration when thinking about what to pack.

8. Workout facilities

The University of Augsburg has a gym on campus. However, it is rather small which means it is not comparable to the common gyms where you would need a membership for. Unfortunately, you do not have access to it automatically, since you are only enrolled in a six-week Program at the University. However, we are doing our best to provide you with access to it. In case you are interested in using the gym, please give us a notice and we will try to get you in.


Fachdekan für Internationales
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Christian Kolbe
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter | Ansprechpartner für den USA-Austausch und das Augsburg Summer Program
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Antonia Burger
Studentische Hilfskraft | Ansprechpartnerin für das Augsburg Summer Program
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Lisa-Marie Neumann
Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft | Ansprechpartnerin für das Augsburg Summer Program
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