"[I]f you want to work in the field of international or domestic business & economic law, the benefits to studying abroad in Augsburg most likely outweigh the costs.  The program has high quality classes and professors, provides an excellent opportunity for networking, gives you an all-around unforgettable experience, and you don't even need to know German!  And even though this is not a frivolous, college-style study abroad, you can still have a fun time." [read more...]


Tom Reynolds (Chicago-Kent, Chicago)



"I have found the program to be incredibly rewarding and am already making plans to return to visit my local friends and to see the renowned Christmas markets in December. I would not hesitate to recommend the program to anyone who would like to have an extensive coverage of European law, to mingle with international students, and to have the chance to enjoy the atmosphere of Bavaria in the summer." [read more...]


Lauren Drury (Universidad de Puerto Rico, Escuela de Derecho)



"I really liked the classes. I attended classes for more courses than I could get credit for because I enjoyed it. They were well taught and interesting, and I liked the learning environment related to having pass/fail exams. It was a good break between two full semesters of law school." [read more...]


John Derrick (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)



"The summer law program at the University of Augsburg is not only a great place to learn international law but also a great place to meet students from around the world and a great place from which to travel to numerous destinations." [read more...]


Regina Levy (Pepperdine Law School, Malibu)



"In summary, studying abroad at the University of Augsburg is all that I hoped for and so much more. I had a positive experience inside and outside of the classroom, and would highly recommend other law students to participate in the summer program." [read more...]


Mona Bascoy (Pepperdine Law School, Malibu)



"Overall, the program was an excellent combination of courses that were rigorous but also easy to follow. I did not feel that the classes were typical “joke” summer study abroad program courses, but actually learned a great deal that I know I will use throughout my legal career. The program was small enough to feel close-knit (like welcome dinners with all students and professors), but also big enough to feel like there was a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives accounted for." [read more...]


Georgia Blair Stephenson (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)




Prof. Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers
Fachdekan für Internationales
Juristische Fakultät
Christian Kolbe
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter | Ansprechpartner für den USA-Austausch und das Augsburg Summer Program
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