Professional Activities

Editorial work

Conferences (Prof. Dür)

  • Member of the Program Committee, EUROPT 2023, Budapest, Hungary (August 2023)
  • Organizer (with Jan-Joachim Rückmann, Oliver Stein and Ralf Werner), paraoptXII, Augsburg, Germany (September 2022)
  • Member of the Program Committee, EUROPT 2022, Lisbon, Portugal (July 2022)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee,  ILAS 2022 (The 24th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society), NUI Galway, Ireland (June 2022) 
  • Stream organizer, EURO XXXI - 31st European Conference on Operational Research, Athens, Greece (July 2021). Title of the Stream: Global Optimization      
  • Member of the PC, International Conference on Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research (MOTOR 2021), Irkutsk, Russia (July 2021)
  • Organizer of a  Workshop on Conic and Copositive Optimization, RICAM Special Semester on Optimization, Linz, Austria (December 2019)
  • Member of the Organizing Committee,  ICCOPT 2019, Berlin, Germany (August 2019)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee,  ISMP 2018, Bordeaux, France (July 1-6, 2018)
  • Member of the PC,  SIGOPT 2018 International Conference on Optimization, Kloster Irsee, Germany (March 21-23, 2018)
  • Member of the PC,  4th Conference on Optimization Methods and Software, Havana, Cuba (Dec. 16-20, 2017)
  • Co-organizer (with A. Berman, I. Bomze, N. Shaked-Monderer),  Oberwolfach Workshop on Copositivity and Complete Positivity, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (29 Oct - 4 Nov 2017)
  • Stream-organizer (with S. Ulbrich),  OR2017, Freie Universität Berlin (Sept. 6-8, 2017)
  • Member of the PC,  17th Baikal International Triannual School-Seminar on Methods of Optimization and Their Applications, Maksimikha, Buryatia, Russia (31 July - 6 August 2017)
  • Co-organizer (with L. Blank, D. Clever, B. Kaltenbacher, K. Mombauer, S. Steffensen and A. Walther),  WiO2017 - Women in Optimization, University of Trier (March 20-22, 2017)
  • Co-organizer (with Sven de Vries and Volker Schulz),  SIGOPT2016, University of Trier (April 6-8, 2016)
  • Organizer, Mini-symposium on the occasion of Bolor Jargalsaikhan's PhD defense, University of Groningen, NL (7 & 8 May 2015)
  • Organizer, Mini-symposium on the occasion of Luuk Gijben's PhD defense, University of Groningen, NL (22 & 23 January 2015)
  • Member of the OC,  SIAM Conference on Optimization (OP14), San Diego, California (May 19-22, 2014)
  • Stream Organizer,  OR2013, Rotterdam (September 3-6, 2013)
  • Member of the PC,  EUROPT 2013, Florence, Italy (June 26-28, 2013)
  • Co-organizer, Mini-symposium on the occasion of  Peter Dickinson's PhD defense, University of Groningen, NL (11 & 12 April 2013)
  • Co-Chair (with Sven de Vries) of the  Colloquium on Mathematical Optimization, Trier (January 18-19, 2013)
  • Stream Organizer,  OR2012, Hannover (September 4-7, 2012)
  • Co-Chair (with  Frank Vallentin) of  HPOPT 2012, TU Delft (June 20-22, 2012)
  • Co-Chair (with  Oliver Stein) of the EUROPT Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization, Remagen (July 3-4, 2009)
  • Organizer of a Minisymposium on Copositive Programming and Applications, Czech-French-German Conference on Optimization, Heidelberg (September 17-21, 2007)
  • Session stream organizer, EURO XXII - 22nd European Conference on Operational Research, Prag, Czech Republic, (July 8-11, 2007). Title of the Stream: Global Optimization.
  • Member of the Organizing Committee, Joint EUROPT-OMS Meeting 2007, Prag, Czech Republic, (July 4-7, 2007)
  • Chair of EURO Summer Institute 2006 on Optimization Challenges in Engineering: Methods, Software, and Applications, Wittenberg, August 2006.
  • Session stream organizer, EURO XXI - 21st European Conference on Operational Research, Reykjavik, Island, (July 2-5, 2006). Title of the Stream: Global Optimization: Deterministic and Stochastic Methods.
  • Member of the Organizing Commitee, ESI XXII -- The EURO Summer Institute on Optimization and Data Mining, Ankara, Turkey (July 9-25, 2004)
  • Member of the Organizing Commitee, Workshop on Challenges of Continuous Optimization in Theory and Applications, Rhodos, Greece (July 2-3, 2004)
  • Session Organizer, EURO XX Conference - 20th European Conference on Operational Research, Rhodos, Greece (July 4-7, 2004)
  • Session Organizer, EURO/INFORMS Joint International Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey (July 6-10, 2003)
  • Member of the Local Organizing Committee, Workshop on Global Optimization, University of Trier (31. Aug./1. Sept. 1997)