Guest Lectures and Projects

Guest Lectures and Projects 2015

  • Niq Mhlongo: "'Way Back Home' and Post-Apartheid South African Literature" - 27.10.2015
  • Philipp Köpsell: "Black German Identity in Arts and Culture" - 08.12.2015
  • Dorothea Smartt: "Gaps Summer School Poetry Reading" - 07.09.2015

Guest Lectures and Projects 2016

  • Dr. Joseph Farquharson, Bielefeld: "Performance Poetry and the Sociolinguistics of Diaspora: The Case of Jamaicans in Canada" - 13.01.2016
  • Dr. Christine Vogt-William, Nürnberg: "Bodies and Homes: Diversity and the Postcolonial" - 02.12.2016

Guest Lectures and Projects 2017

  • Exkursion Nordamerika-studien: Kanada, 02-14.08.2017
  • Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama, University of West Indies, Jamaica: "Rum, Sweat and Tears: Danish Colonialism and its Legacy in Flensburg, Ghana and the Virgin Islands of the United States“ - 09.02.2017
  • Doreen Baingana, Entebbe, Uganda: Reading and Discussion: "Tropical Fish: Stories out of Entebbe“ - 26.06.2017
  • Dr. Nedine Moonsamy, University of Pretoria, South Africa: “Fish Out of Water: Women in Nnedi Okorafor’s Lagoon” - 27.11.2017
  • Workshop in Seminar Program "The World Needs More Canada": Prof. Dr. Annika McPherson: "Diversity in Canadian Literature and Culture" - 29.11.2017
Poetry Readings and Creative Writing Workshops: 
  • Malika Booker: Reading and Creative Writing Workshop - 18.-19.07.2017
  • Catherine Johnson: Reading and Creative Writing Workshop - 19.-20.07.2017

Spring Academy 2017 : Critical Diversity Studies, 24.-31.05.2017

  • Karen Thorsen: "The Price of a Ticket" - 23.05.2017
  • Mathilda Légitimus-Schleicher: "Panafrikanismus" - 23.05.2017
  • Modupe Laja: "Panafrikanismus" - 23.05.2017
  • Dr. Olusoji Cole: "Performance and Cultural Memory" - 24.05.2017
  • Ajeet Pankaj: "Caste and Dalits in India" - 26.05.2017
  • Dr. Lydia Potts: "Diversity and Migration" - 26.05.2017
  • Prof. Paula Banerjee: "Peace, Security and Gender" - 27.05.2017
  • Prof. Melissa Steyn: "Critical Diversity Literacy in Theory and Practice" - 30.05.2017


Guest Lectures and Projects 2018

  • Dr. Sarah Lawson Welsh, York, St. John University, UK: "Caribbean Cravings: Food and text in the Anglophone Caribbean“ - 05.02.2018
  • Study Trip Flensburg: "Rum City, Colonialism & Vrigin Island Transfer":
  • Josheph D. Jordan, Amsterdam, the Netherlands: "Between the World and Wakanda: Intermedial Notes on Diaspora and Nation in Marvel’s Black Panther“ - 18.06.2018

Guest Lectures and Projects 2019

  • Dr. Christine Vogt-William, Nürnberg: "The 'Trialectics of Space': Maternal Space and the Material Culture of 'Home‘“ - 08.01.2019
  • Julian Wacker: "Fringes of an Empire: Notes on the Black Presence in Neo-Victorian Gothic Television“ - 17.07.2019
  • Felipe Espinoza Garrido, University of Münster: "Empire and the Neo-Victorian Arctic: Re-imagining the Franklin Expedition“ - 17.07.2019
  • Marlena Tronicke, University of Münster: "Neo-Victorianism and the Troubled Memory of Empire: Taboo’s Imperial Surface“ - 17.07.2019
  • Prof. Dr. Manuela Boatca, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg: "Creolizing the Nation-State Norm: Lessons from the Caribbean“ - 05.11.2019

Guest Lectures and Projects 2020

  • Veronika Keller, Munich: "Music in Television" - 13.01.2020
  • Dr. Deborah Nyangulu, University of Münster: "Hashtag Movements and Decolonial Pedagogy" - 07.07.2020

Guest Lectures and Projects 2021

  • Dr. Jason D. Allen, University of Leeds, UK: “Thinking with Spirits, or Dwelling and Knowing in the Work of Aimé Césaire” - 29.01.2021
  • Lisa King, University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA: ”The Evolving Humboldt Forum – Possibilities and Challenges for Native American/Indigenous Decolonization” - 09.02.2021
  • Jessica Seymour, Australia: "Adaptation, Homage, and Intervention: Why intention matters in researching retellings" - 12.05.2021
  • NIcolle Lamerichs, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands: "Material Fandom: Cosplay, Affect and Sustainability" - 16.07.2021
  • Experimental and Interactive Storytelling (EIS)

Guest Lectures and Projects 2022