Danica Stojanovic M.A.

Project Overview - Adapting Fantasy for the Stage

“Just swish and flick the stage lights and solemnly swear you’re up for a great show!”
Fantasy is one of the most beloved genres of fiction that has evaded academic research for decades,
before entering academia in all its magical glory. Still, in spite of its prevalence in popular culture and
media, fantasy on the stage is not commonly addressed from a scholarly perspective. This project aims
to rectify that by comprehensively tackling the process of adapting various fantasy sources for the stage.
Through the forward-looking lens of adaptation studies, the dissertation will theorise the genre of
fantasy and its (dis)contents in creating magical worlds on the stage. The project will focus on
contemporary fantasy adaptations including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Wicked and the Ocean at
the End of the Lane, with a view to carving a new, prolific research niche in fantasy studies.



Research focus: fantasy studies, adaptation studies, theatre and drama, creating magical worlds on
stage, emotional and rational impacts of fantasy theatre





  • WiSe 20/21: Narrative Analysis (Übung)
  • SoSe 21: Experimental and Interactive Storytelling, Group B (Übung)
  • WiSe 21/22: Contemporary Children’s Literature (Proseminar)
  • WiSe 21/22: Narrative Analysis (Übung)
  • SoSe 22: Literature from the Margins (Proseminar)
  • SoSe 22: Narrative Analysis: Postcolonial Short Fiction (Übung)
  • WiSe 22/23: Postmodernism (Proseminar)
  • WiSe 22/23: Adaptation in Theory and Practice (Übung)

Presentations and Publications

“Theatrical (Hyper)Reality: The Effects of Breaking Formal Boundaries in Every Brilliant Thing.” Over The
Horizon, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature, London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research,
London, 2020, pp. 81‑100.


“Postmodernism and the Populist Other,” Journal of the International Symposium of Students of English,
Croatian and Italian Studies, Studentski Zbor Sveucilista u Splitu, Split, 2018, pp. 154‑171.  


“Eleven Days”, My English Book Anthology, The English Book, Belgrade 2013.


Forthcoming: “Subversive Dragons in Terry Pratchett’s Works” St. Thomas University, Miami


Presentation: “Theatrical Hyperreality in Duncan Macmillan’s Every Brilliant Thing” Over the Horizon Conference, London Centre for Interdisciplinary research, London 2019 


Presentation: “Exclusive Feminism – Double Marginalisation of Women of Colour and Its Consequences” 10th European Feminist Research Conference, Göttingen 2018


Presentation: “Postmodernism and the Populist Other” Second International Symposium of Students of English,
Croatian and Italian Studies, Split 2017 


Lecture: Alexander Genis’s book Reading Classes, Dom Kulture Studentski Grad, Belgrade 2016 


With Ashumi Shah: Organising committee of the NELK Annual Student Conference: Experimental and Interactive
Storytelling, 2021




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