Jyutika Satghar M.A.

Project Overview - Identity Saturation of Women with Disabilities in Films and TV Series

The project explores how the characterization of women with disabilities in films and TV series is often affected by ableism and categories of gender. This results in identity saturation in the sense of a single hegemonic focal point through which their individuality is restricted. The thesis moves beyond common notions of double oppression and instead focuses on the matrix of domination constructed for women with disabilities. Thus, an interwoven approach is applied to study relational connections between their social roles. The project aims to understand the significance of the ‘body’ and the notion of stigma associated with it in popular cultural characterizations of women with disabilities. The concept of identity saturation bridges the gap between Disability and Gender Studies by situating itself in the actively growing discourse of Feminist Disability Studies. Key primary sources include films and TV series like Raising Dion, There She Goes, Maudie, and Margarita with a Straw to capture current and constantly shifting representation of women with disabilities.


Research Keywords- Feminist Disability Studies, Disability Studies, Gender Studies, Popular Culture, Film Analysis.



  • SoSe 2022: Body in Postcolonial Contexts (Übung)

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