PhD Projects

Current PhD Projects

Danica Stojanovic M.A.

Adapting Fantasy for the Stage

Jyutika Satghar M.A.

Identity Saturation of Women with Disabilities in Films and TV Series

Ankita Dolai M.A.

From 'Madwomen' to 'Funny Women': Excess as Resistance in Comedy Produced by Women

Nadine Ellinger M.A.

Complicating Motherly Figures in African(a) Fiction and Film

Giuliano Marmora M.A.

The Portrait of the Hero Through Materiality in Beowolf and its Retellings

Corvin Bittner M.A.

Queer Temporality and Time Travel

Completed PhD Projects

Dr. phil. Johanna Pundt

Speculative India: Genre and Aesthetics in Contemporary Indian Anglophone Literature and Popular Culture

Dr. phil. Danyela Demir

Reading Loss: Post-Apartheid Melancholia in Contemporary South African Novels

Dr. phil. Ashumi Shah

Participatory Culture, Television and New Media

Dr. phil. Anke Bock

The Superhero in the American Comic and the Varieties of Evil

Dr. phil. Michelle Genck

Ghost in the Shell, Death Note und Oldboy: Manga- und Animehelden treffen auf Hollywood

Edoardo Checcucci M.A.

Conflicts, Ambivalences and Negotiations in Norwegian Postmigration Literature