Practical Area

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Due to the ongoing pandemic and the related lockdown, many possible activities for the practical area – such as working abroad or internships - have currently come to a halt. We acknowledge that and therefore during the winter term 2020/21, summer term 2021 and winter term 2021/22 widen the list of accepted activities to include student assistant positions, attendance and participation of digital conferences, or independent study projects.


Please contact Dr. Christian Hoffmann for details about acceptable alternatives. Independent study projects can be arranged directly with one of the English professors in the field of your specific interest.

for further information about the practical area, please consult our study guide

General Information

Job-market experience outside the university is an important factor in your resume and will improve your chances of finding a job in the area of your choice. In our program, you therefore need to complete a practical module.

What does this contain?

  • 10 ECTS
  • six weeks in total (either one six week long activity or more activities adding up to a total of six weeks)


Possible Activities

Possible activities are:

  • internships in an Anglophone country
  • internships in a job related to your studies
  • work in an Anglophone country
  • work in a job related to your studies

Areas related to your studies may be...

  • cultural institutions
  • publishing houses
  • educational institutions
  • media agencies
  • public relations
  • translation agencies
  • and many more

If you are unsure whether a certain activity fits the profile of the practical area, please consult with the program coordinator or the Master tutor beforehand.

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You do not have to register at Digicampus or Studis for the practical module!


After having completed the total of six weeks of practical experience, ...


  • gather the certificate(s) of your activities
  • write a 5-page summary of your activities
  • fill out the practical area form

→ and submit all of this directly to the program coordinator.

They will register the ECTS manually after having received all three documents. Please note that this may take some time, too. Do not wait until the very last moment of your studies.

When to do it?

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When shall I do the practical module?


  • you can collect certificates over the entire course of your studies
  • however, you must submit them during (not after) your last semester the latest

We recommend not to postpone this module until the very end of your studies. Finding an activity may take some time. Moreover, decide on your own whether you want to participate in an internship or work experience during the semester break or in addition to attending courses.

Further Information

Please note:

  • you need to find and organize these activities yourselves
  • you need to obtain certificates of occupation and duration

→ You can find news about internships at the noticeboards along the corridors of the English and American department (Building D, 4th floor). We also forward vacancies to you via the Digicampus Master Tutorial.


If you still need some help finding a suitable activity, please contact the program coordinator or the Master tutor. Do not wait until the very last moment of your studies to do so.