Structure and Organization

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The Master English and American Studies (MA EAS) consists of a Major and a Minor:


  1. Major (60 ECTS)
  • Literary Studies
  • Linguistics
  1. Minor (20 ECTS)
  • Cultural Studies
  • Didactics of English
  • Linguistics (with Major Literary Studies)
  • Literary Studies (with Major Linguistics)


Furthermore, the study program also includes a practical area (10 ECTS) and the Master’s thesis (30 ECTS).

The normal period to finish the MA EAS is four semesters.


The structure of the MA EAS is modular. This means that you do not have exams at the end of each semester; instead, exams and tests take place during the semester, mostly in form of presentations and written term papers to finish a module. Each module provides you with credit points (ECTS), wherein the amount of ECTS relates directly to the work load. You have to attain 120 credit points in total, meaning roughly about 30 ECTS per semester (to finish in the normal period of time).

Module Tables

The module tables show you all the modules you have to attend for the major and minor. Usually, we offer several courses for each module to enable you to specialize yourselves.

In the module manual you find all the courses available for these modules in the current semester.


Time Table in your first semester

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You can take the modules in any order you like. However, we advise you to do the following courses in your first semester (or as soon as they are offered):

  • Theories and Methods (EAS-1804 or EAS-2904)
  • Academic Writing (EAS-0844)
  • Introduction to the Teaching of English (EAS-3050) in case your minor is Didactics of English

Keep in mind to attain about 30 ECTS in each semester.


If you need any help in creating your course schedule, contact the program coordinator or the Master tutor.

Welcome Meeting and Registration for Courses

  1. Orientation Meeting

To welcome you properly as one of our new students, we host a welcome / orientation meeting on October 12, 2023, at around 4 pm.

What is it about?

  • invitation via mail by program coordinator
  • information on course requirements
  • ... on usual course enrollment (from the second semester onwards)
  • ... administrative matters
  • choice and registration for courses for your first semester during the meeting!

⇒ Attendance is mandatory!


Moreover, you get to know all the other first semester students of the MA program as well as the professors and important contact persons for MA EAS students. What better opportunity to network?


  1. Registration for Courses

From your second semester onwards, registration for courses takes place via Digicampus.

  • login via RZ-Kennung
  • each course has its own site
  • it contains the module reference code as well as possible requirements and information about the exam
  • (preliminary) registration is possible during a specific period
  • this period is usually during the semester break and announced via Digicampus
  • after the registration period has ended, the courses’ open spots will be assigned to students accordingly to their respective priorities
  • after that you can see in your Digicampus account in which courses you did get a spot