Aktuelle Publikation: Political participation in transition

Welche Faktoren führen zur Nutzung von politischen Internet-Memes und welchen Einfluss hat die Meme-Nutzung auf die politische Partizipation der Nutzenden? Diese und weitere Fragen beantwortet (AB Öffentliche Kommunikation) in seiner neuen Open Access-Publikation in . Die Studie basiert auf einer quantitativen Befragung von Nutzenden politischer Internet-Memes weltweit und wurde im Rahmen eines Lehrforschungsprojektes im Sommersemester 2020 durchgeführt.


Internet memes have become a popular format for expressing individual political opinions in social media. Based on a quantitative online survey of political Internet meme users from fringe web communities and sharing platforms (n = 482), this study examines the factors related to political expression in Internet memes. The analysis reveals that political Internet meme usage depends on users’ political interest and the in tensity of social media prosumption. Political Internet meme usage is also positively related to users’ mo tivations for political engagement and internal political efficacy. Moreover, the use of Internet memes for the expression of political opinions is related to users’ online and offline political participation. This study represents the first empirical exploration of users who create and share political Internet memes. The results contribute to the body of knowledge on changing and elusive participatory practices in social media and shift the focus from general social media usage to a specific type of content.


Internet memes, political participation, political engagement, social media prosumption, political interest, political efficacy, motives, survey


Johann, M. (2022). Political participation in transition: Internet memes as a form of political expression in social media. Studies in Communication Sciences, 1–16.

Studies in Communication Sciences