Manuel Kathan M.Sc.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Utz: Finanzwirtschaft mit dem Schwerpunkt Climate Finance
Telefon: +49 (0)821 598 4818
Raum: 1206 (I)
Adresse: Universitätsstraße 12, 86159 Augsburg
Postanschrift: Universitätsstraße 12, 86159 Augsburg

Short Biography

Academic positions:


10/2022 - present    University of Augsburg, Research Assistant

02/2020 - present    University of St. Gallen, Ph.D. Candidate

11/2017 - 01/2020   University of Hohenheim, Ph.D. Candidate, Coordinator of the Thematic

                                Network Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Finance (INEF)




10/2015 - 11/2017   University of Tübingen (German Excellence University),

                                MSc. in Accounting and Finance

10/2011 - 09/2014   University of Tübingen (German Excellence University),

                                BSc. in Economics and Business Administration

10/2014 - present    University of Hagen,

                                BSc. in Psychology / Mathematics


Work experience: Vocational training as office management assistant (2006-2009), student employee in managerial accounting (2017-2018)


Research Interests: Private Equity, Corporate Finance, and Climate Finance



How Do Leveraged Buyouts Affect Industry Peers? Analysis of the Information and the Competition Channels (with Tereza Tykvová)

Review of Financial Economics,, June 2023


Working papers

The effects of leveraged buyouts on industry peer’s capital structure


How do leveraged buyouts affect industry peers’ performance in Europe: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment


Are Implied Temperature Rise Metrics as Inconsistent as ESG Ratings? Examining Firm-Level Disagreement among Data Providers (with Lea Chmel and Sebastian Utz)


Conference and Seminar presentations


FMA European Conference, Aalborg; Swiss Finance Institute Research days, Gerzensee


German Finance Association (DGF), Marburg; Paris Financial Management Conference (PFMC), Paris


Doctoral Seminar in Finance University of St. Gallen; Virtual European Conference (FMA)


Corporate Finance Day, Groningen; Finance Workshop University of Hohenheim, Untermarchtal; Franco-German Doctoral Seminar, Strasbourg; German Finance Association (DGF), Essen; Paris Financial Management Conference (PFMC), Paris

Awards and Prizes


Werner-Diez-Award of the University of Tübingen for the best graduation in the master’s program Accounting and Finance