Data-driven Quality Improvement in the ICU: How to Improve Quality of Care Using a Quality Registry?

Datum: 09.05.2023, 17:30 Uhr - 18:30 Uhr 
Ort: Kleiner Hörsaal, Universitätsklinikum Augsburg, Raum 048, 2. OG, Stenglinstraße 2, 86156 Augsburg
Veranstalter: Lehrstuhl für Biomedizinische Informatik, Data Mining und Data Analytics
Themenbereiche: Informatik, Gesundheit und Medizin
Veranstaltungsreihe: Medical Information Sciences
Veranstaltungsart: Vortragsreihe
Vortragende: Prof. Dr. Nicolette de Keizer

In diesem Sommersemester wird die im letzten Winter erfolgreich gestartete Vortragsreihe Medical Information Sciences fortgesetzt. Renommierte Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler unterschiedlicher Fachdisziplinen und Forschungsstandorte geben jeden Dienstag ab 17:30 Uhr Einblicke in aktuelle Fragestellungen und Anwendungsgebiete des breiten Forschungsfeldes Medical Information Sciences.

In this lecture the origin and development of the National Intensive Care Evaluation (NICE) registry, a Dutch quality registry including all ICU patients in the Netherlands will be presented. The lecture will explain which data is included, to what extent it is possible to use routinely collected data from the EHR to fill the NICE registry, and which measures are taken to optimize data quality and reduce administrative burden. The primary aim of the NICE registry is to support ICUs in monitoring and improving quality of care. Benchmarking or audit and feedback, i.e. the strategy that intends to encourage professionals to change their clinical practice by providing professional performance based on explicit criteria or standards back to professionals in a structured manner, is an important strategy of quality registries in realising quality improvement. The lecture will include examples on the effectiveness of audit and feedback, among which an RCT on actionable indicators and a toolbox for improvement activities in the domain of pain management. The secondary aim of the NICE registry is to provide an infrastructure to research medical and methodological medical informatics research questions. If time allows, some examples out of ~180 scientific journal papers and 15 PhD theses based on the NICE registry will be presented.

Nicolette de Keizer is Full Professor of Medical Informatics at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers,the Netherlands. She holds the Chair of the department of Medical Informatics of Amsterdam University Medical Centers and she is Director of the master program Health Informatics of University of Amsterdam.

Nicolette de Keizer has a master and PhD in Medical Informatics of the University of Amsterdam. She has a special interest in reusing routinely collected data to evaluate quality of care and impact of health care information systems. She is one of the founders of the National Intensive Care Evaluation (NICE) quality registry for Dutch intensive care units and of the post-graduate Master Health Informatics. She is appointed Principle Investigator in AmsterdamUMC and full professor of the University of Amsterdam. She is chair of the department of Medical Informatics, one of the leading Medical Informatics departments in the Netherlands. With her department she provides Medical Informatics training and research at BSc, MSc and PhD level.

Nicolette is internationally recognized as an expert in quality assessment, audit and feedback and standards for data reuse and she acted for years as an expert for the Dutch National ICT institute in health care and the international SNOMED CT quality committee for terminology development and maintenance. She was co-chair of several international medical informatics conferences and workshops. She is chair of the Dutch cooperation of Quality Registries and member of the Dutch data governance committee for quality registries. She supervised 25 graduated and 13 ongoing PhD students and over 40 Bachelor and Master students during scientific research projects. She published  over 300 scientific research papers and book chapters, and was co-editor of the book “Applied interdisciplinary theory in health informatics: a knowledge base for practitioners”. Her H-index is 63 (Google Scholar)

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