Biophotonics (Master)


Veranstaltungsart: Vorlesung + Übung

Credits: 5 ECTS/LP

Turnus: Jedes Wintersemester

Empfohlenes Semester: ab 1. Fachsemester

Prüfung: Portfolioprüfung

Sprache: Englisch



The module comprises lectures and exercises. The lectures provide a comprehensive overview on biophotonics. They are divided in two main parts. Part 1 covers fundamental aspects with respect to photonics on an entry-level. It overviews basic properties of light together with general ways to describe light and the interaction of light with its surroundings. It further contains basic principles of light generation and light sensing. Part 2 focuses on diagnostic techniques based on biophotonics such as microscopy, oximetry, optical coherence tomography, laser speckle imaging and photoacoustic imaging. With respect to such techniques, the lectures present basic ideas, concrete implementations and illustrate medical use cases. Within the exercises, students work on computational tasks related to biophotonics. Covered topics include modelling and simulation of light-tissue interaction as well as image processing tasks.