Praktikum Diagnostische Sensorik (Master)


Veranstaltungsart: Projektarbeit + Seminar

Credits: 10 ECTS/LP

Turnus: Jedes Semester

Empfohlenes Semester: ab 1. Fachsemester

Prüfung: Portfolioprüfung

Sprache: Deutsch oder Englisch



Students work on a current research project related to sensing or sensor data analysis. The tasks to be performed by students typically comprise literature review, practical parts (programming, data acquisition, commissioning), (quantitative) evaluation, documentation and presentation. According to the research foci of the professorship, there are different areas for topics to choose from:

  • experimental works related to innovative sensing modalities
  • development and evaluation of methods for intelligent patient monitoring
  • development and evaluation of methods to predict severe complications from multimodal sensor data
  • development and characterization of novel methods for sensor data fusion
  • application of machine learning for sensor data processing