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22nd May, 2023 14:00 CET


Exposure Science: when, where and how is the environment affecting us?


Prof. Dr. Christoph Knote

Head of Chair of Model-based Environmental Exposure
Science (MBEES)
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Augsburg, Germany


Online Seminar via Zoom
Link and password upon request
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Exposure science is the science of determining and quantifying exposure to environmental factors in order to associate them with health impacts. Usually, this requires consideration of multiple factors, multiple routes of exposure and multiple health endpoints. In my talk I will present work done in our group on estimating exposure against factors from the physical environment with a focus on air pollution. I will present past and current work on using comprehensive regional-scale numerical air quality for health impact assessments of air pollution in different areas of the world. I will showcase the use of agent-based modeling and street-scale air quality modeling to better consider human activity in exposure assessments and to create consistent predictions of future (climate change) scenarios. Finally, I will describe a novel measurement platform for personal exposure that is being at the Chair. It is tailored towards increased ease of use for participants and reduced workload for the scientist by providing a common, online data collection method.





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