GAMM-Workshop 2018 - "Analysis and Numerical Approximation of Constrained Systems"


Dates: April 15 - April 21, 2018


Location: Sion, Switzerland (Houses of the Kurt-Bosch foundation, see here)


Organizers: Robert Altmann (University of Augsburg), Jan Heiland (MPI Magdeburg)


Registration: closed


Travel information: The houses are approximately at 3km distance from the train station in Sion. Please contact the organizers for a transfer from the train station to the workshop location.



  • Robert Altmann (U Augsburg)
  • Thomas Berger (U Hamburg)
  • Marine Froidevaux (TU Berlin)
  • Sara Grundel (MPI Magdeburg)
  • Frederic Haller (U Hamburg)
  • Jan Heiland (MPI Magdeburg)
  • Svenja Otto (TU Hamburg)
  • Manuela Paschkowski (U Halle)
  • Benjamin Unger (TU Berlin)
  • Jonas Witschel (TU Ilmenau)

Format: Each participant should prepare a scientific talk (30 minutes). Further, the program will include time slots for scientific discussions and research collaboration.



Further information:

  • BOARD: jointly organized self-sufficiency.
  • ACCOMODATION: Rooms with beds are available in the houses. Please bring your own towels, bed covers, etc.