GAMM-Workshop 2020 - "Maxwell, Stokes, and Schrödinger" (CANCELLED!)


Dates: March 29 - April 04, 2020  This workshop will not take place due to the Corona Virus.


Location: Sion, Switzerland (Houses of the Kurt-Bosch foundation, see here)


Organizer: Robert Altmann (University of Augsburg)


Registration: closed


Travel information: The houses are approximately at 3km distance from the train station in Sion. Please contact the organizers for a transfer from the train station to the workshop location.



  • Robert Altmann (U Augsburg)
  • Philip Freese (KIT)
  • Marine Froidevaux (TU Berlin)
  • Carmen Gräßle (MPI Magdeburg)
  • Sarah-Alexa Hauschild (U Trier)
  • Jan Heiland (MPI & OvGU Magdeburg)
  • Fabian Kröpfl (U Augsburg)
  • Roland Maier (U Augsburg)
  • Philipp Schulze (TU Berlin)
  • Felix Schwenninger (U Twente)
  • Benjamin Unger (TU Berlin)
  • Lydia Unger (HU Berlin)

Format: Each participant should prepare a talk of approximately 30 minutes (including discussion) in relation to the workshop title „Maxwell, Stokes, and Schrödinger“.


Further, the program will include time slots for scientific discussions and research collaboration.


Schedule:  programSion2020.pdf


Further information:

  • BOARD: jointly organized self-sufficiency.
  • ACCOMODATION: Rooms with beds are available in the houses. Please bring your own towels, bed covers, etc.