Standardisierung und (Re-)Vitalisierung von „kleinen Sprachen“ – 
Standardization and (re)vitalization of "small languages"


Internationale Konferenz an der Universität Augsburg am 17. und 18. Juni 2021 –
International conference at the University of Augsburg on 17 and 18 June 2021



In recent years, the interest in the standardization of so-called "small languages" has moved more and more into the focus of linguistics. By "small languages" we mean varieties that are below the level of the national standard varieties. These can for example be regional dialects and minority languages.


Our understanding of standardization focuses on linguistic planning activities as well as the description and reflection of non-professional initiatives for linguistic standardization. The framework thus ranges from systematic work (e.g. codification of a minority language in the form of a school grammar), the construction and modelling of an area-specific variety (e.g. Bavarian for commercial media), the presentation of non-professional linguistic activities, to the shaping of a linguistic landscape. 


Alongside a presentation of current research projects, the conference aims to highlight difficulties associated with standardization processes and to discuss possible approaches to solutions. From a more linguistic perspective, one topic to be mentioned would be the handling of variation within a linguistic settlement. From a speaker's point of view, one should also think of a spelling that is perceived as "incorrect" and "inauthentic". Standardization projects can also be accompanied by efforts to (re)vitalize a variety. Effects on the linguistic vitality of a small language should therefore not be excluded. 


The international conference brings together recent workshop reports and already completed projects. Newer computational linguistic approaches to support standardization may also be presented at the conference. A diachronic perspective on standardization and (re)vitalization is possible as well as a synchronic research approach.


We look forward to your submissions.


Alfred Wildfeuer and Sebastian Franz


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