Photos ACBLPE, second set

Just arrived at the Campus of the UA @acblpe2022
Armin Schwegler starting his Abschiedsvorlesung @acblpe2022
Armin Schwegler's Abschiedsvorlesung @acblpe2022
Hende kumo suto, People like us. Introducing Armin Schwegler @acblpe2022
In the foyer of the Kleiner Goldener Saal @acblpe2022
General Assembly of the ACBLPE (in hybrid format) @acblpe2022
Antonio Carlos Santana de Souza @acblpe2022
Peter Bakker @acblpe2022
Alejandro Fajardo @acblpe2022
Ana Paulla Braga Mattos @acblpe2022
Peter Bakker @acblpe2022
Susanne Michaelis @acblpe2022
Angela Bartens and Rita Eloranta @acblpe2022
Nicolas Quint making a question to Danae Perez @acblpe2022
Deyanira Chaves @acblpe2022
Yves Moñino @acblpe2022
Ronny Beckert @acblpe2022