Angebote im Sommersemester 2022

Workshop on science communication

August 4th, 9 am to 5 pm


This introductory seminar serves to raise awareness in science communication. The participants learn about the interplay between research and the media. Using basic concepts, you will learn the essential aspects of good communication and identify reasons why science communication is important.

The main topics of the seminar are as follows:

•    Communicate professionally – basics of science communication
•    Communication change - from the message to dialogue
•    From target groups and media – hitting the right note
•    The core message – talk and be understood
•    Trust in science - important factors for more trustworthiness

PhD and Postdoc retreat Sion

Sep 25th - Oct 1st, 2022


The goal of the PhD/Postdoc retreat is to bring doctoral students  and postdocs from different disciplines of the FAI together and to discuss and support their current projects.
Various workshops will be offered, e.g., on “scientific writing and design thinking” as well as “communication skills and self-coaching and -management”. The workshops are held in English and are conducted by external experts. In addition to a hike through the beautiful alpine landscape of Sion, there will be enough time for a detailed discussion of each project work.

The retreat is fully organized and completely free of charge for members of the FAI.