PhD Forum

Augsburg, 3 June 2021

As an organisation dedicated to assist and support graduate students working in the area of contemporary theatre and drama in English, CDE annually hosts a graduate colloquium in the days immediately prior to the annual conferences.


During the forum, students are able to introduce and discuss their research projects as well as individual chapters from their dissertations with each other in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.


The forum is currently moderated by Martin Middeke (University of Augsburg) and Clare Wallace (Charles University).


The participants presenting their projects at the 2021 PhD Forum in Augsburg are:


  •          Xi Luo (University of Freiburg)
  •          Sarah Busch (University of Freiburg)
  •          Leila Michelle Vaziri (University of Augsburg)
  •          Juliann Knauss (University of Graz)
  •          Ondřej Polák (Charles University)